we are a small but very sexy collective www.knertz.de creating music ourselves and organising shows/concerts for other bands/artists in Darmstadt at the splendidly unique venue Oetinger Villa.

this blog shows exclusive videos from artists we kindly asked during their stay here if they would like to perform an acoustic/acappella version of a song, or a freestyle, and most of them did.

oh i nearly forgot: some videos are live perfomances and some are stuff we made ourselves...have fun watching : )

Oct 19

get the song on tape right here:

there i was. walking around like i always do. looking through the live view window of my cam minding my own business until suddenly there was this young rapper agile like a young charles bukowski fighting the brainstem cutting metal crystal meth lumberjack in his own head. he wanted to show me something very important he said. allured by his charm and the razorblade filled candy he offered me i followed him. be witness and let Babelfishh carve a niche in your brain with a rusty spoon. you’ll love it or die (cause the part of your brain you’re now missing was pretty important.)

May 8

the lovely and h.p. lovecrafty jamesreindeer performing his song “helicopter gunships” from his “iron filings sellotape” album. we used a projector which i held over my head (it wasn’t a overhead projector, people) to beam the visuals on james and the wall behind him which¬†was located in a creepy cellar in james’ “backyard”. anyways enjoy!

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